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Perfect Timing on New Year’s Eve in Epcot

My family vacationed at Walt Disney World from December 30, 2013 -January 3, 2014. There is so much to share about our magical trip, I hardly know where to start. My brain is buzzing while my fingers are frozen on the keyboard! So let me begin in the middle of our trip with a highlight from New Year’s Eve!

We arrived in Epcot at about 6pm and used a backstage walkway that was open to walk over to Future World. My 10-year-old son gets very anxious inching through crowds, so these walkways were a lifesaver!  I had previously booked Fast Pass+ for our favorite Epcot attractions, Soarin’, Test Track, and Spaceship Earth. We really enjoy Soarin’, but The Land (the pavilion housing Soarin’) can get very busy on any given day at Epcot. I was concerned that my son would be uncomfortable getting through the crowds inside, so we chose to skip it this trip. Instead, we headed straight for Test Track and breezed past the 200 minute wait in the Standby Line with our Fast Passes.

My son designed a killer car for us, while my daughter and husband worked on their own creation. We were ready to battle it out for capability, efficiency, responsiveness, and power. As we sped outside, our hearts racing with excitement, we heard the first explosions and saw the starbursts of fireworks from the 6:30pm display of Illuminations! I thought my heart would burst with the sheer joy of that moment. I’m not sure if I laughed or cried (probably both), as we continued to race around the track as the fireworks rang through the sky. We exited Test Track in awe of the pixie dust that had just rained down upon us, marveling at our perfect timing,  and eager for the next steps of our magical evening.