The First Step

cropped-dscn4059.jpgI write for a living. Long, professional reports. Unbiased reports.  Reports that don’t contain any sentence fragments. Writing this first blog entry is much harder. I’ve typed and deleted countless words. I’m uncertain of my goal and unfamiliar with my audience. I don’t even know if I will ever have an audience.

I do know that I love to discuss traveling and especially Disney travel with my friends and family. I can strike up a conversation with a total stranger about Disney. I post on facebook, DISboards and Cruise Critic. So why blog? I hope to learn about the world of social media. I hope to keep a journal of my plans, tips, and adventures. I hope to connect with others who share my interests, dreams, and passions. I hope to find my own voice. This blog is my path unwinding.

Stay tuned as I write about our plans to welcome 2014 in Walt Disney World!


Traveling through Life Disney Style