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ABD Central Europe Trip Report Part 4: Enjoying a Day in Prague on Our Own

After a comfortable night’s sleep, we enjoyed a convenient breakfast at the Marriott’s Executive Lounge. The offerings included scrambled and hard cooked eggs, sausage and bacon, a variety of cheeses and cold cuts, fruit, and various pastries. There is also an amazing espresso/ cappuccino machine. We then set off to find Trap Prague, one of the most unique experiences I have ever had. The host welcomed us and explained the process of being locked into a Communist Apartment for one hour. We had so much fun and excitement searching for clues and trying to solve the puzzles so that we could escape before the spy returned home!  The host will occasionally call to provide a clue, and you can call her as well. My kids were fascinated with the rotary phone.

Time to phone a friend at Trap Prague!
Time to phone a friend at Trap Prague!

All four of us contributed in some way during the hour. We laughed, bickered and fretted as the clock counted down. We had the final puzzle completed but ran out of time! Luckily, we survived to return to our hotel. We relaxed for a short while and then greeted my in-laws who arrived in the late morning. Their room was not ready, so they freshened up in our room and we set out for lunch. We took a short walk around the corner from the hotel to  Kolkovna Celnice for beer, wine, and great local food. We sat outside on the shady deck. IMG_2017 I had the potato gnocchi with apple code and beer reductions, walnuts and radicchio. It was delicious! The ribs were great too but far too much for my son to eat alone. And once again everyone loved the sausages! IMG_2021 IMG_2020 IMG_2019 After lunch, we returned to the hotel to meet our private guide for our tour of the Jewish Quarter…


ABD Central Europe Trip Report Part 3: Exploring Prague

After a refreshing nap in our hotel, we ventured out to explore Prague on our own. I picked Adventures by Disney because navigating through a foreign country can often be stressful on my marriage, but I planned a bit so that the time before the trip would be well spent and relatively stress free. We purchased tram tickets from the concierge and reviewed directions about finding the tram stop and the transfer to get to the Prague Castle.  Needless to say, we immediately got turned around just trying to find the tram stop (within a block of the hotel), and we got off the tram too soon!  We did manage to regroup quickly and without squabbling and found ourselves at the summit of the Prague Castle. We realized that we were hungry and decided to stop at the first restaurant along the way. I was a bit hesitant as I knew nothing about it and couldn’t access my notes, but we took a chance anyway and were not disappointed! Restaurant U Sevce Matouse had sidewalk seating and a traditional Czech menu. My husband had the first of many, many beers on this trip.



I still am not sure why baked goat cheese salad is so popular in Prague, but I saw it on many menus. The goat cheese was delicious but the rest of the salad was lackluster. My son loved his dumplings filled with chopped smoked meat; my husband enjoyed the boar dish. The highlight was my daughter’s sausage plate with mustard and horseradish. We became sausage, mustard and horseradish connoisseurs over the week!

IMG_1947 IMG_1950IMG_1948IMG_1946

We continued on foot to the Prague Castle where we first encountered its beauty in the quiet of evening after the buildings had closed.

IMG_1988 IMG_1980IMG_1968

We continued to the base of the castle and wandered over to the Charles Bridge (see photo at top of blog) and eventually made our way back to the Marriott , the end of our first day in Prague.

Next up: Trap Prague! and Tour of the Jewish Quarter

One Beer at a Time

I’m in a mixed marriage. I believe in Disney. My husband is an atheist. But he loves me and fully supports my raising the kids on Disney. Over the years, I’ve slowly tried to convert him. Avoiding lines with my obsessive touring plans has helped. Beer helps too. Liter pilsners at Biergarten and Guinness Draught at Raglan Road in Downtown Disney have become favorites.

Earlier this week, I read about a tapping party for a Winter Tartan Socttish Ale at Big River Grille & Brewing Works at Disney’s Boardwalk. (Thank you The Adult Side of Disney!) Since my husband is working in Orlando this week, I shared the info with him. Lo and behold, he not only went but texted me pics, info and breaking insider news!

First the beer, a Winter Tartan Scottish Ale.

Winter Tartan Scottish Ale

Hubby stated it is delicious and very smooth with a hint of vanilla as advertised. He learned that it is infused with Madagascar vanilla beans added for the last two days of the two week brewing process.

The Brewmaster is working on his latest creation: a Blood Orange IPA. That will be worth a return trip!

The food didn’t fare as well…

Complimentary Cheesecake Appetizer
Hazlenut Crusted Chicken with Cherry Sauce
Hazlenut Crusted Chicken with Cherry Sauce

Not much flavor and lackluster presentation…

It sounds like Big River knows that food isn’t their strength. Their parent company, Craftworks, has plans to turn  Big River into a Rock Bottom Brewery. The site will be remodeled inside and out.

My husband had a great night chatting with the brewmaster and other patrons. Maybe a little bit of Disney magic is starting to rub off on him, one beer at a time.