Locked in a Room in Charlotte for a Fun Family Night Out

Back in August, I wrote about a unique experience in the Czech Republic, Trap Prague, an “escape the room game.” That hour spent searching for clues and solving puzzles to make our way out of a Communist-era apartment before the Russian spy returned was a surprise highlight of our trip. We were thrilled to discover that this type of activity had finally reached our hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Exit Strategy is located in an unassuming commercial area off of I-77. We reserved our spot the week prior. Up to eight people can participate at each time, so we invited another family to join us. Our two families included two high school girls and two middle school boys. We arrived rather early, but our room was available so we were welcomed to begin right away. We chose “The Cabin in the Woods” room, a dark night in an abandoned cabin. I don’t want to give away anything else about the room, but I will say our heart was racing for an hour as we worked together to escape. Our experience in Prague guided us a bit regarding the types of things to consider, but Exit Strategy definitely provided a challenge that was enjoyed by all.

Escape the room games are hugely popular in Europe and Asia and are catching on in the US. Have you participated in something similar anywhere in the world? Share it with us in the comments.


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